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This site also has recordings of songs from Wally Bill's Examine Your Mental Health project, as well as some friends tunes, some photos and descriptions of the basses and amps that I have.

About Wally Bill: I'm lucky enough to be the bass player in a band with some of the finest musicians the area has to offer - The Nickel & Dimes Band Started hanging out with the wrong people & before long was touring the Midwest with a band called Stetson (it was a country band - really!) I've played bass guitar now for more years than I'm willing to admit. In Central Illinois, it's been rock & roll in bands like The Gutter Katz, Big Sky Theory, Riff Raff, Voltage & 3-West. Crunching the low end with whatever is still in tune through an Ampeg or an Eden bass rig. I'm a big fan of the Ampeg B15 amps.

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